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Distance         Learning  

Hello FAYM Families,

During our time apart the teachers, board members, and volunteers at FAYM all want to see the kids keep succeeding. This page is dedicated to helping you continue learning from home. As you scroll down you will find some very helpful information. Starting right here with an all inclusive list of ways of keeping your musical brain learning! FAYM Music Tips!

Click on any of these headings to see ways to keep playing...

Technique Warm Ups


4 Finger Warm Ups (Intonation & Speed Drills)

Tunnels (Left Hand Posture)

Rolling Chords (String Crossing Cleanness)

String Spiders (Intonation Across Strings)

Bow Distribution (Good Tone and Proper Position)

Bow Jumps (Bow Arm Movement)

One Octave Scales Play-A-Long

Two Octave Scales Play-A-Long