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Golden Violin & Cello Award

FAYM's highest award for our Violin For Kids Program is the Golden Violin or Cello. We have access to violins and cellos with values from $1500 - $2,500.  These instruments are awarded to students who have been in good standing in our most advanced groups.  Students must complete the requirements and record their progress in the printable format found below.



2016 Aleksa Viedas

2016 Belle Pobsuk

2017 Sabdy Cordon

2017 Guadalupe Terrones



2012 Karla Cruz
2012 Isel Ramirez
2013 Oscar Ramirez
2014 Rachel Mori Barton
2014 Alla Pobsuk
2015 Marco Arelis

2015 Carolyn Salvadore

2016 Angelica Rivera



2018 Gema Aguirre

2021 Michelle De La Luz Bernal

2022 Mariana Molina Carbajal

2022 Jonathan Cruz

2022 Valeria Molina Carbajal

2023 Carla Beltran Delgado

2023 Sofia Rodriguez

2023 Giselle Arciniega (Cello)

2024 Mitchell Baires

Previous Winners

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