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January 2024 New Class Registration

FAYM Is starting 2 new classes and we are enrolling new students through the first class or until the classroom fills up. Each class meets two times a week. FAYM will provide all materials at no additional cost to students including the instrument, music stand, and method book. We encourage parents to attend as many classes possible and find a way for kids to establish a practice routine at home. Read on to find out what we are offering!

Beginning Violin Class (Offered at East Las Vegas Library / 2851 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89101)

Students currently enrolled in 1-3rd grade are eligible to enroll in this FREE violin course. We do ask for a suggested monthly donation of $25 but is not required. This class is only offered 5PM Tuesday and 12PM on Saturdays. First Class is January 16 and continues through May 11. 


Tim Thomas (English) or (208)-514-9723

Art Ochoa (Spanish)

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