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Registration  is Open for FAYM's online private lessons.  


Hello FAYM students and families! 


FAYM Classes are going digital! All in-person classes are being postponed until further notice.  Another update will be released in April 2021 with information regarding future classes. FAYM is offering FREE private video lessons to students already enrolled in our program.  If you were a part of the 2019-2020 classes, you qualify for a weekly 30-minute private video lesson.  These lessons will be available for the rest of 2020. Sign up is simple, Click HERE

(full link:


Music is a powerful tool. It's proven that student musicians achieve better grades and scholarship opportunities. We know this online version of learning is different and may present challenges. FAYM is prepared to customize learning for each individual student. We hope you will join us!


If you are not continuing with FAYM, please follow our directions on Instrument Return

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