Scholarships & Outreach

Kelly Haines received a 4-year Collegiate Scholarship to pursue a musical career graduating from the Eastman School of Music.
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Liam Mansfield received a 4-year Collegiate Scholarship to attend the Jacobs School of Music in Indiana where graduated in Violin Performance.  Liam is now in Berlin continuing his musical career.
Raja Patel received a handcrafted viola from FAYM to pursue a career in music performance.
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Angel Scotch received a handcrafted cello from FAYM to pursue  music at UNLV.
Kryzstof Rucinski from Poznan, Poland received FAYM assistance to attend the Eastman School of Music followed by graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in violin performance.
Alexander Prior has benefited from FAYM's connections to assist his career as a conductor. Alex is now Chief Conductor of the Edmonton Symphony in Alberta, Canada.



Josh Groban

FAYM students and their families had a chance to meet Josh Groban after a performance in Las Vegas and ask questions about being a famous artist.

Gary Karr
Renowned Contrabass Virtuoso

"What FAYM has accomplished in helping young artists and exciting an awareness of the benefits of musical training in the community is nothing short of remarkable. I cannot imagine how my career in music would have been possible without the support and encouragement of mentors the likes of FAYM. I consider it a privilege to support this organization because its recipients of FAYM's mission will undoubtedly bring enrichment and beauty to all the lives they touch. FAYM's fame is spreading like wildflowers. Thank goodness for that!"

Jaime Bernstein
Daughter of conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein

"FAYM is about so much more than learning a musical instrument. It's about giving kids a chance to see themselves as worthy, capable, and beautiful and that in turn helps them become the wise, compassionate, citizens of tomorrow who will make this world a better place."