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Giselle Arciniega   Golden Cello Winner

June 2024

Giselle Arciniega

High School Senior

What is your name?

Giselle Arciniega

What grade are you in?

12th grade

What school do you attend?

Southeast Career Technical Academy

Which college/university are you planning to attend?


What are you planning on majoring in?

Mechanical Engineering

When did you earn your Golden Cello?  

Summer 2023

When you first played it, could you hear a difference in the sound of your Golden Cello compared to the cello you previously had? What was the difference?

Yes, my Golden Cello has a crisper and smoother sound compared to the old cello I had.

How did you feel when the Golden Cello was placed in your hands?

Honored. Also, I was kind of scared because I understood it is an expensive instrument.

What made you work for and apply for the Golden Cello?

My closest people thought I could do it. I wanted to honor and make them proud by being able to do it.

What was the most challenging part for you to earn the Golden Cello?

Performing for younger classes. I tend to be really nervous, so this portion of the requirements was difficult for me.

Was it worth all the time and effort you put into this??

Yes, absolutely!

Do you have any advice you want to offer our other FAYM students that are thinking of applying for their Golden Cello?

The best advice I can offer other FAYM students is to practice, keep going, and keep wanting to learn.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our FAYM family?

I would like to thank all the people that make FAYM what it is today; my teachers and all the staff that do such a nice job.


Lis Arciniega

Mother of Giselle interview

What is your name?

Lisbeth Arciniega

How many kids do you have in FAYM? What are their names?

Which FAYM classes do they attend? I have 3 kids in FAYM. Their names are Giselle, Nathan, and Aimee. All 3 have private lessons and are in the FAYM orchestra. Giselle also plays in the chamber orchestra and mariachi. Aimee is in the mariachi and is also learning how to play cello.

How did you hear about FAYM?

I read a Spanish newspaper article about FAYM.

How long have you been with FAYM?

We have been in the program for 6 years.

How did you feel when your child told you they were interested in applying for the Golden Violin or Cello?

I was excited and proud at the same time because she was ready to show her knowledge.

How did you feel when we informed you that your child had won the Golden Cello?

Proud and happy for her achievements. At the same time, I was grateful for FAYM.

What did your child say when they played the Golden Cello at home?

She was honored to be playing such a nice cello.

Have you noticed any changes in your child since they started playing on the Golden Cello?

I’ve noticed that she takes extra care of her Golden Cello. She loves the sound of her new cello.

What is the hardest thing for you to make music lessons possible for your children?

The hardest thing is to arrange the schedule to be always on time.

If FAYM was not here, would your children be involved in music lessons? Why?

No, FAYM lessons are affordable, and all the classes are in the same location.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our FAYM family?

I would like to thank all the FAYM staff for always supporting our children. You made a huge difference in the lives of many FAYMilies.

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