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Ayotunde Ajayi and Olamide Ajayi


June 2024

Olamide Ajayi

4th grade 


Year 3

What instrument do you play and why did you pick that instrument?

I picked violin because it makes a very nice sound and I wanted to play since I was 4 but then COVID happened

What do you like about your music lessons?

That I get to learn how to play new songs and I get better everyday

What is the hardest thing you are learning?

The hardest thing is to remember good posture while bowing and playing notes all at the same time

What is your favorite thing you have learned?

Arboles de la Barranca in summer camp because its a nice tempo and I got to play with the accompanying instruments

Is there a song you want to learn how to play?

William Tell Overture

How does it feel to perform with your instrument?

It makes me feel happy to let my light shine and bring joy to others with my music. I take my violin with me and play in public any chance I get

How does it feel when you practice a lot and your playing gets better?

It makes me feel happy sometimes sad my practice session has to end but I keep practicing to keep improving to spread joy!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Robotics Engineer, compete on Battlebots the show

Do you think learning music will help you with your goal?

Yes, reading music is similar to reading programming, timing, hand eye coordination, and performing in front of an audience are all skills that can help me with my enterprise into robotics.


Ayotunde Ajayi

3rd Grade


Year 2

What Instrument do you play and why did you pick that instrument? 

Violin, because I wanted to be like my brother. 

What do you like about your music lessons? 

I get to learn and make new friends.

What is the hardest thing you are learning? 

4th finger

What is your favorite thing you have learned?

Bucket drums at summer camp.

Is there a song you want to learn how to play?

The Star Spangled Banner

How does it feel when you practice a lot and your playing gets better?

Makes me happy because I feel like I accomplished something.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A pilot, engineer, or actor.

Do you think learning music will help you with your goal?

Yes, because as a pilot, you have to focus on multiple things at once, also problem solving, determination, discipline, and performing in  front of an audience.

Sunday and Jill Ajayi

Ajayi parents interview

What is your name?

Sunday and Jill Ajayi

How many children do you have in FAYM? Which groups are they in?

We are proud to have two boys actively participating in Year 2 and 3 of the FAYM programs.

How did you hear about FAYM?

Our journey into the FAYM program began when we learned about it through conversations with fellow homeschool parents, sparking our interest and leading us to enroll our two boys.

How long have you been with us?

We are embarking on our third year, the FAYM program holds special significance for us. We initiated this musical journey after the challenges of COVID.

How did you feel when you first saw your child with a violin in his hands?

The moment we saw our children with violins in their hands, our hearts swelled with pride and joy. Witnessing their curiosity and passion for music ignited a profound sense of fulfillment and anticipation for the beautiful journey ahead.

Was your child happy to get his violin?

After enduring a lengthy wait during the challenges of COVID, and diligently caring for the stick bow, the day finally arrived - an exciting moment filled with elated children. They were thrilled to receive their very own violins, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their musical journey.

Is your child enjoying the learning process of playing the violin?

Absolutely! Our children are thoroughly enjoying the learning process of playing the violin. Witnessing their enthusiasm and dedication to practice brings us immense joy and pride as parents. The journey into the world of music has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience of our family.

Is bringing your child to us twice a week worth your time?

Bringing our child to you twice a week is unquestionably worth our time. Witnessing their growth, development, and the joy they derive from the experience is invaluable. The investment in their education and well-being is a priority, and we believe the time spent in your program is making a positive and meaningful impact on their overall development.

Have there been any problems in bringing your child to our classes?

No, there haven’t been any significant problems. We appreciate the smooth and well-organized process, making it convenient for both us and our child. Any minor challenges have been addressed with flexibility, understanding, and overall, the experience has been positive. We’re grateful for the supportive environment you provide for our child’s learning journey.

Have you seen any changes in your child since he started playing the violin?

Since our children began playing the violin, we’ve witnessed a transformative journey. Beyond the musical proficiency they’ve gained, we’ve noticed enhanced patience, improved concentration, and a deepened appreciation for the beauty of discipline and practice. The violin has become not just an instrument of melody but a tool for fostering valuable life skills. We’re delighted to see our children’s character and abilities flourish through this enriching experience.

Do you recommend other parents to bring their child to music classes like ours?

We highly recommend other parents to bring their children to music classes like FAYM. The positive impact we’ve seen on our child’s development, both musically and personally, is truly remarkable. The structured learning environment, skilled instructors, and the joy our child experiences in each session make it a worthwhile investment in their growth. It’s not just about learning an instrument, it’s about fostering a love for music and instilling valuable life skills. We believe other parents and their children can benefit greatly from such an enriching experience.

What is the hardest thing for you to make music lessons possible for your child?

The most challenging aspect of making music lessons possible for our child might be managing time and scheduling. Juggling various commitments, work responsibilities, and family activities to ensure our child attends lessons and practices regularly requires careful planning. Additionally, providing the necessary resources, including the instrument and relevant materials, while balancing the financial aspects, can pose its own set of challenges. Despite these hurdles, witnessing the positive impact on our child’s development makes overcoming these challenges well worth the effort.

If FAYM was not here, would your child be involved in music lessons? Why?

If FAYM were not available, it’s likely that our child would still be involved in music lessons. We are incredibly grateful for the support that FAYM provides, alleviating much of the financial burden associated with committing to the world of music while providing a high level of training and opportunity. This assistance allows us to focus wholeheartedly on our children’s growth and development, without the worries and stress of sourcing the necessary equipment, expertise, and covering the magnitude of costs that commonly accompany lessons. Your commitment to making music education accessible is a gift that extends beyond the music, enriching not only our children’s lives but also easing the journey for us as parents. Thank you, FAYM, for creating an environment where our children can flourish.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our FAYM family?

To our beloved FAYM family, we want to express our deepest gratitude for the incredible journey our children have experienced under your guidance. The supportive and nurturing environment you provide goes beyond just music lessons; it’s a true community where our children have thrived and found joy. Your dedication to fostering a love for music and nurturing the talents of each child is ruly commendable. We appreciate being a part of this wonderful family, and we look forward to more years of musical growth and shared achievements. We wholeheartedly encourage every parent to take a moment to say hello and get to know each one another. Building a strong community not only enhances the overall experience for our children but also creates a supportive network for us as parents, fostering connections that go beyond the notes and rhythms, and make this musical community even more special. Thank you FAYM for making a lasting and positive impact on our children’s lives.

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